A look into my texts

I’ve had the good fortune to be friends with Shane Albahrani for about 10 years. For those of you outside of Fort Wayne, Shane had the task of filling the radio play-by-play chair of the late Bob Chase, the hall-of-fame voice of the Komets. Hockey’s the hardest sport of all to call and Shane has done a great job for both the Komets and Fort Wayne. I’m sure Chaser would be proud.

As has been chronicled by NBC, Chase also inspired another hall-of-fame announcer in Mike “Doc” Emrick. Doc would listen to Chase call the Komets games on WOWO, was able to be mentored by Chase, and grew into one of Bob’s best friends. When Bob died, there were a lot of sad hockey fans, but arguably none sadder than Doc and Shane. Bob Chase mentored the both of them and became a great friend to both.

Me being me, I figure that I can use this connection to get a possible answer to a question that’s been in my mind for the last couple of weeks.

I demand much from the greats!

I’m such an ass.

— Max

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