I’m gonna engineer me some dead mice.

Come out, come out, wherever you are, Jerry.

Behold! What you see here is a rolling log mouse trap. There’s apparently a hole somewhere behind my dishwasher. Now, Stuart Little (and possibly the rest of his family, too… wretch) has taken up residency in my kitchen. I might not care so much if it wasn’t for my dinner the other night being ruined.

I had some Hawaiian hamburger buns out on the counter and I had made up some pulled pork for dinner. When I reached for the buns, I noticed a small hole and a partially gnawed-on bun in the bag. He also ruined lunch for the next few days as he had also nibbled into the loaf of bread next to the buns. Breaking into my home and ruining my dinner? THIS CANNOT STAND.

So, I Youtubed some mouse trap videos, saw one I could make fairly easily, and voila. Cost of all of the materials needed to make one: $10.

Plus, look at this video.


However, if this doesn’t work, does anyone know of a cat rental service?

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