Juiced baseballs and life after the All-Star Break with Ian Casselberry

Ian Casselberry thinks that Rob Manfred would never admit to MLB juicing the baseball, even though there’s all of this proof. However, Ian also thinks the quality of play and the “home run or strikeout” mentality are making the game boring.

Bryce Harper is the face of baseball right now, but is Aaron Judge making his case? After the show he put on in the first half of the season and the Home Run Derby, yes. Even more important, however, could be if he’s making Yankee fans forget Derek Jeter already. (Answer: no. Slow your roll, people.)

The Cubs bandwagon is clearly emptying. How else can you explain not even having a guy like Kris Bryant make the team? Of course, that will happen when your pitchers are tired. And where does Kyle Schwarber fit on this team now? Why is their defense, which was so good last year, so bad this year? Is Joe Maddon running out of ideas? (NOTE: we talked to Ian before the Cubs traded for Jose Quintana.)

The Astros will be able to make whatever deal they want at the trade deadline. The Nationals would have at least five more wins if they didn’t blow it with Mark Melancon after last season. The Dodgers are walking on sunshine right now. Does Milwaukee pull the trigger and say “let’s go for it?”

Plus, we get Ian’s non-spoiler thoughts on Spider-Man: Homecoming and Max also wants to be sold on Asheville, NC. Catch all of Ian’s work at TheComeback.com.

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